Necromunda terrain scratch builds

It’s been far too long since I posted anything but over the past few months I’ve actually been very productive. Here’s the first project that I’ve completed this year which is a set of necromunda cooling towers and associated shacks clinging to them. 

I was inspired for these by some really cool terrain on the ammobunker Inq28 forums by Starfarer and Shibboleth – their names are links to their respective threads.

I really liked the shanty town style that they were doing and wanted to put my own spin on it so I built these vertical forms.

The pictures below show them before they were first primed. 

In the main they were made from thick cardboard roughly cut up and stuck together with very thin superglue. I’m not much of a measurer when it comes to this sort of thing I tend to cut rough shapes and then trim to size.

Once the cardboard shell of each building was in place they were detailed with balsawood, more cardboard and plastic bits and plasticard. The most useful parts were corrugated cardboard bought from an art store which made for the roofing and model railway siding which provides the other type of ridged surface. Finally I had some diamond tread plating which is another type of extruded styrene sheet and is a mainstay of any sort of 40k terrain.

The details like windows and the vents came from a terrain set from Maelstrom’s Edge which was a Kickstarter that I backed. Nice pieces of chunky detail.

Finally the gantries were made from an Imex Platformer set from Pegasus Hobbies which is now unfortunately as rare as hens teeth to find. The silos are bottles with the screw cap sawed off and a little detail added with plasticard.



2 responses to “Necromunda terrain scratch builds”

  1. They turned out really well. Nice tall structures look great on the pretend battlefield 🙂

    Well done!

  2. Awesome job, very well done.

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