Tunnel Runts, WIP

I’ve had these conversions knocking around on my workbench for a while and spent a bit of time trying to get them finished off and ready to be primed.

The first guy is made from a plague monk and the left over head and arm from the Dark Vengeance cultist from the previous post. The right arm is from an Ungor (I think?) holding a plague monk sword in reverse. I’m amazed looking at him at just how much greenstuff he has on him.


His colleague is a similar conversion but with flagellant arms and weapon swaps. The chainsword is from Victoria Miniatures as is part of the backpack. I also greenstuffed him some hair as the “bald ghoul head” look has been done a lot before.


3 responses to “Tunnel Runts, WIP”

  1. Remnante avatar

    I’m so glad you’ve got a blog on here! I just saw these over on ammobunker, good work 🙂

  2. imperialrebelork avatar

    Nice work. Will they get painted?

    1. plessiez avatar

      Thanks, they will hopefully in a week or so.

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