New Year, New Blog

I’m sure a lot of well-intentioned blogs start up early in the New Year, especially hobby related ones. This blog is firmly in the “new year’s resolution” category with a few simple aims:

  • Let me share stuff I’ve painted – I like doing this
  • Make me paint stuff to share – I do a lot of painting
  • More specifically, make me finish stuff to photograph to share – I do very little of this

My last blog was project specific. It’s still around at 6mm napoleonics but hasn’t been updated since 2009 despite a bit more progress on that project since then.

This blog is going to be more general so at least if I get distracted from one project to another – and this will happen – then the posting doesn’t have to dry up.

My very general plan for the year is to try and finish at least some of the half-finished projects I have and try and avoid starting any new ones.

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